Potomac Highland Roots
Compiled by Harry A. Nelson
The main feature of this site is a large genealogical database of settlers, descendants and inhabitants of that part of West Virginia known as the "Potomac Highlands," in which the head waters of the Potomac River flow.  It involves most of the eastern panhandle of West Virginia which includes an area known as "Smoke Hole". In colonial times it was referred to as "Northwestern Virginia". On 20 June 1863 this became the state of West Virginia.

This area includes the present day counties of Pendleton, Grant, Hardy, Mineral, Morgan and Hampshire.  Other counties closely tied to the area are; Randolph and Tucker counties of West Virginia and Rockingham and Highland counties of Virginia. 

Information has been compiled from published books, newspapers, genealogies, Bibles and interviews of persons relative to the families contained in the database. It is to be used as an aid to others for developing their own family histories.

While living people are included, their details have been suppressed for privacy reasons.

The data is by no means complete and there may be errors in it. If you are able to assist in any way to correct the errors or provide more information, it would be greatly appreciated.

I have a great vision that one day this site and the database will actually be finished and complete. Please share in this delusion.